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Semi-automatic MAP tray sealer


Touch screen panel


Set point vacuum sensor


After the great success of the MAP tray sealer PT5 Pi.Co.Tech presents now the new PT5 TS with PLC and multilingual TOUCH SCREEN panel. The PT5 TS is also available with automatic drawer insertion and ejection system and it can interface with external devices like scales or dosing systems, printers, labellers etc. Furthermore the PT5 TS is fitted with a special vacuum sensor that can be easily calibrated according to the local atmospheric pressure where the machine is installed to grant an accurate control of vacuum and gas. The PT5 TS is extremely user-friendly and thanks to the PLC you can set vacuum by steps, you can constantly check the production by a piece-counter or stop the machine after a predefined number of cycles.

 Machine sizes  810 mm x 550 mm x (h) 1300 mm
 Weight  150 Kg
 Max tray size  395 mm x 290 mm x (h) 120 mm
 Max film reel width  400 mm
 Mould change  yes
 Customizable mould  yes
 Vacuum pump  20-40 m3/h
 Modified atmosphere – MAP  yes
 Vacuum sensor with atmospheric pressure reading  yes
 PLC  yes
 Multilingual touch screen panel  yes
 Cicle counter  yes
 Drawer automatic opening and ejection  Option
 Cycles/minute  up to 5
 Customized digital sealing programmes  5
 Standard voltage  220V-50Hz
 Power consumption  max. 2,5 kW