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Pi.Co.Tech s.r.l. was founded by an international team of professionals with a the long-time technical and management experience in the field of food and non-food packaging. Pi.Co.Tech range includes a line of standard machines which thanks, to the different versions and customizations, can meet the customer’s needs. Furthermore Pi.Co.Tech technical office has a specific department specialized in the design and realization of special machines and tailor-made solutions manufactured according to the client's specifications. With the recent takeover of an Italian company with 30 year experience in the production of tray sealers and vacuum machines Pi.Co.Tech has further expanded its product range and gained market share through a widespread distribution network Europe and worldwide. Particular attention is given to the product quality and to the support and advice given to the customer to help him in the choice of the correct solution.


The manual, table-top, semi-automatic and automatic M.A.P. tray sealers Pi.Co.Tech are used in the food industry as well as cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

Pi.Co.Tech machines are designed to meet the different packaging needs.

We propose advanced high quality solutions, designed to optimize the production times in accordance with the latest hygiene rules.



Manual tray sealer


Manual tray sealer


Table top tray sealer


Table top MAP tray sealer


Semi-automatic MAP tray sealer

Semi-automatic MAP tray sealer